Sean Hon's Homepage


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Conference Experience or Talks

  1. International Conference on Preconditioning Techniques for Scientific and Industrial Applications (Preconditioning 2019), University of Minnesota, USA. (A 25-min talk)
  2. Applied and Computational Mathematics Seminar, National University of Singapore, Singapore. (An invited 60-min talk)
  3. SIAM Conference on Computational Science and Engineering 2019, Spokane Convention Center, USA. ( An invited 20-min talk for Computational Engineering Student Paper Prize)
  4. Department of Mathematics Seminar, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong. (An invited 60-min talk)
  5. The 3rd conference on Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computation with Applications 2018, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece. (A 20-min talk)
  6. SIAM UKIE National Student Chapter Conference 2018, University of Bath, United Kingdom. (A 20-min talk)
  7. Croucher UK Scholars Mini-Symposium 2018, London, United Kingdom. (An invited 10-min talk)
  8. Numerical Analysis Internal Seminar (Trinity Term 2018), University of Oxford, United Kingdom. (An invited 25-min talk)
  9. Summer School on Computational Methods for Inverse Problems in Imaging 2018, Lake Como School of Advanced Studies, Italy. (Selected to give a 15-min talk on my DPhil research at the student seminar)
  10. SIAM Conference on Applied Linear Algebra 2018, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong. (A 20-min talk)
  11. The 27th Biennial Numerical Analysis Conference 2017, University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom. (A 20-min talk)
  12. Numerical Analysis Internal Seminar (Trinity Term 2016), University of Oxford, United Kingdom. (An invited 25-min talk)
  13. Internal Seminar 2015, Department of Mathematics, HKUST, Hong Kong. (An invited 25-min talk)
  14. Numerical Analysis Internal Seminar (Michaelmas Term 2014), University of Oxford, United Kingdom. (An invited 25-min talk)
  15. The 6th international conference on Multiscale Materials Modelling 2012, Biopolis, Singapore. (A poster presentation)
  16. Image Processing Camp 2012, Hong Kong Virtual Institute on Imaging Sciences and Applications, Hong Kong. (A poster presentation)